Eddie By Giddy Review (2024)

Our Verdict

Eddie by Giddy is a wearable device intended to be an alternativetreatment method for erectile dysfunction(ED). However, the device is more expensive than other ED alternatives or treatments and isn’t yet backed by published research.


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Eddie By Giddy

Eddie By Giddy Review (2)
  • Proven, over-the-counter, wearable, medical device for erectile dysfunctions
  • Designed by experts to treat your ED and inconsistent performance issues long-term
  • Promotes optimal blood flow
  • Comfortable and available in four different sizes
  • Free shipping and free resizes

On Eddie by Giddy's Website

Key Features of Eddie

  • Horseshoe shape of the device is meant to fit the natural shape of the penis and help optimize the blood flow.
  • Available in four sizes (A, B, C, D), which are based on penis girth and frequency of ED symptoms.
  • The Stay-Giddy Plan automatically ships a new Eddie device and six tension bands every four months for $188, or two new Eddies and tension bands for $288.

ED affects about 30 million men in the U.S., according to the Urology Care Foundation. After age 40, approximately half of men experience difficulty getting or maintaining an erection[1]Get the Straight Facts About Erectile Dysfunction. Urology Care Foundation. Accessed 3/24/2023..

Medications like Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) are common treatments for erectile dysfunction, though these drugs have varying levels of success. ED medications can cause side effects, such as a headache and upset stomach, and may not be safe for men who take medication for conditions like heart disease or prostate enlargement. Vacuum devices and penis rings—small rings that fit around the base of the penis to reduce blood flow—also help to produce and maintain an erection, but these devices can cause numbness, bruising or skin irritation.

Giddy is an online platform focused on providing information about sexual health. In developing the Eddie, Giddy used imaging to determine the blood flow patterns in the penis to form the shape and size of the device, says Brett Jacobson, founder and CEO of Giddy.

Vacuum pumps and penis rings are circular, a shape Jacobson says puts excess pressure on the arteries through which blood enters the penis. Eddie’s U-shape structure is meant to constrict the veins without constricting the arteries in the penis, allowing blood to flow into the penis and remain there during sexual intercourse. “Our product enhances the normal physiology of an erection, whereas existing products work against it,” he adds.

  • Minimal risks with proper use
  • No doctor visit or prescription necessary
  • Four sizes available
  • Ships in discreet packaging
  • Free resizes with all orders
  • Refunds available within 30 days of ordering (minus $25 for shipping and handling)
  • No published research to confirm effectiveness
  • Stay-Giddy subscription plan charges for a new device every four months
  • Can be uncomfortable or pinch the skin if sized incorrectly, according to reviewers on Trustpilot
  • FDA registered but not approved

Eddie at a Glance

  • Usage:Users can choose their size based on penis girth and how often they experience difficulty getting or maintaining an erection (less than half or more than half the time). Place Eddie around the base of the penis and wrap the band around the ends of the device, according to the company.
  • Cost:The Stay-Giddy Plan includes one Eddie and six tension bands (three large “comfort” bands and three small “sport” bands) for varied experiences at $188 every four months. A two-pack of Eddies costs $288 every four months.
  • Regulation:Eddie is not approved by the FDA, though it is an FDA-registered class II medical device for maintaining an erection in men with erectile dysfunction, meaning the FDA is aware of the device but hasn’t confirmed its safety or effectiveness.

How Eddie Works

“The process of erection is usually twofold,” explains Milan Shah, M.D., a urologist practicing in Los Angeles. “You have to bring blood flow into the penis but also prevent blood from escaping.”

When arousal occurs, blood rushes into the arteries of the penis through chambers called the corpora cavernosa that run along its length. As blood fills the penis, it puts pressure on veins, which traps the blood inside and maintains an erection. In cases of ED, insufficient blood flow into the arteries of the penis prevents an erection from occurring. In other cases, blood leaves the penis through the veins, making it difficult to maintain an erection.

Eddie offers men with ED and their partners an alternative to medication, vacuum pumps or penis rings. The device is a horseshoe-shaped plastic device that wraps around the base of the penis and constricts the veins to hold blood inside the organ, causing an erection. It includes tension bands that wrap around its ends for an adjustable fit based on user preference. Blue “comfort” bands provide less constriction, while red “sport” bands offer added constriction.

To find your size, use the “Find my size” button on the Eddie by Giddy website. Answer a couple of questions about the frequency of your ED and your penis measurement (based on the size condom you wear or a measurement you take when your penis is either flaccid or hard), and the tool will tell you whether you’re a size A, B, C or D.

To use the Eddie, place the horseshoe-shaped device around the base of the flaccid or erect penis. Attach a sport or comfort band to the two ends of the device to hold it in place. After use, remove the band, and gently slide Eddie off the penis.

Eddie is a reusable device that is meant to be cleaned after each use. Wash with soap and water, and then pat the device dry. Eddie is made with a type of plastic called polycarbonate, which is coated in a flexible, rubber-like material that makes it more durable. The device is made without latex, which can cause allergic reactions in some people, and is free of chemicals known as phthalates.

The Cost of Eddie

Eddie is available through the company’s subscription-based Stay-Giddy Plan, which offers two options:

  • One Eddie device every four months for $188
  • Two Eddie devices every four months for $288

Giddy’s payment plan is based on customer feedback regarding the frequency in which they change partners and require a new device—and to improve cleanliness and hygiene, according to Jacobson. Customers can cancel their subscription at any time without paying a fee. Special conditions for resizing and refunds may apply for users who purchase Eddie from Amazon or another third-party vendor.

The Stay-Giddy plan is considerably more expensive than penis rings, which typically cost between $15 and $20. However, the devices aren’t comparable, according to Jacobson. “There are actually multiple layers to the [Eddie] device, and it has no seam,” he says.

Eddie is not currently covered by insurance, but Giddy has requested the Department of Health and Human Services add the device to its coverage database. Customers can try submitting Eddie for an insurance reimbursement under a “miscellaneous” designation, says Jacobson, although there is no guarantee of coverage.

Don't Let ED Hold You Back Any Longer

With Eddie, you can enjoy improved sexual performance, increased confidence and enhanced intimacy with your partner.

What Experts Say About Eddie

For a user whose ED is caused by blood leaking out of their veins, the Eddie may help maintain an erection, says Dr. Shah. However, for users who experience difficulty getting blood to the penis due to blocked vessels, the device may not help, he adds.

It’s difficult to confirm how well the Eddie works due to a lack of published research, says Dr. Shah. Results of a clinical trial sponsored by Giddy and posted on the company’s website show that 93% of participants reported higher quality erections during use, 95% noted an increase in achieving erection long enough to orgasm, and 81% said they were more satisfied with their erections[2]Clinical Trials. Eddie by Giddy. Accessed 3/25/2023.. However, these results are not published in a peer-reviewed medical journal—making the data difficult to validate.

While Dr. Shah notes there probably isn’t any harm in trying Eddie, it’s important that users follow the instructions and don’t leave the device on for more than 30 minutes at a time. Improper use can potentially result in bruising or skin damage.

The Experience

Giddy’s website features a long list of four- and five-star reviews. One user writes, “nothing really worked for me until this!” Another credits the product to working better than any other device they used previously.

However, Eddie by Giddy has 40% four- and five-star reviews and 47% one- and two-star reviews on Trustpilot. Many negative reviews center on the high price of the subscription service, shipping issues and problems with refunds.

A few Trustpilot users claim the device is uncomfortable or pinches their skin, problems that are likely due to sizing issues, says Jacobson.

Get Your Confidence Back

Eddie by Giddy is a comfortable, reusable and affordable solution for erectile dysfunction that gives you the confidence you need.

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On Eddie by Giddy's Website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the negatives or potential side effects of Eddie by Giddy?

Eddie by Giddy is expensive compared to similar devices. Some men complain that it’s uncomfortable, but accurate sizing may help prevent discomfort. Skin damage or bruising can occur from wearing the device longer than the recommended 30 minutes.

How do you use Eddie by Giddy?

Place the horseshoe-shaped device around the base of the flaccid or erect penis. Attach a sport or comfort band to the two ends to hold the device in place. After use, remove the band, and gently slide Eddie off the penis. Wash the device with soap and water and pat it dry.

Is Eddie legitimate?

The concept of Eddie is legitimate, according to Dr. Shah. Its U-shape is designed to prevent blood from leaving the penis while also allowing blood to enter. Eddie might be helpful for men who aren’t candidates for ED drugs, he adds. However, published studies are needed to confirm the device’s efficacy.

Eddie By Giddy Review (2024)


Is Eddie by Giddy covered by insurance? ›

Eddie by Giddy is available on both the company's website and Amazon as a one-pack for $188 or a two-pack for $298. This ED ring is not covered by insurance and is significantly more expensive than a typical ED ring, which can cost around $20.

How does Eddie work for erectile dysfunction? ›

Some people's veins do not tighten enough to keep the blood in the penis, so the erection does not last. Eddie's design overcomes this problem by allowing blood to flow into the penis through the arteries while squeezing the veins to limit the flow back out.

Is there a wearable device for erectile dysfunction? ›

Eddie is a first-of-its-kind, wearable, FDA Class II erectile dysfunction device. Manufacturer Giddy maintains that its unique, ergonomic design improves upon current devices by working with the natural physiology of an erection, where rings and constriction devices can actually work against it.

How does an Eddie by Giddy work? ›

How does Eddie work? Eddie by Giddy looks a bit like a horseshoe that wraps around the base of the penis—almost like a cock ring with an opening on one side. After the Eddie is positioned around the base of the penis, tension bands are wrapped around the open ends to apply pressure to the penis.

Will insurance pay for erectile dysfunction? ›

Most insurers cover the diagnosis and medically necessary treatment of ED. Medicare has a national policy for ED, which includes penile implants, although coverage may depend on where you live.

Is Eddie FDA approved? ›

Regulation: Eddie is not approved by the FDA, though it is an FDA-registered class II medical device for maintaining an erection in men with erectile dysfunction, meaning the FDA is aware of the device but hasn't confirmed its safety or effectiveness.

Can men with ED feel pleasure? ›

They can still experience high levels of stimulation and pleasure without an erection," Mr Tilley says. "For many people, this is extremely satisfying."

Does Vicks Vapor Rub help with ED? ›

To all the guys searching their medicine cabinets for a quick, on-hand, and less-than-obvious erectile dysfunction solution, we're sorry. This one's a myth. Vicks is a great tool for some things, but your member is just not one of them.

What is the best solution for erectile dysfunction? ›

ED Treatments
  • Oral drugs or pills known as phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors are most often prescribed in the U.S. for ED (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra)
  • Testosterone Therapy (when low testosterone is detected in blood testing)
  • Penile Injections (ICI, intracavernosal Alprostadil)

What can my husband use for erectile dysfunction? ›

Oral medications are a successful erectile dysfunction treatment for many men. They include: Sildenafil (Viagra) Tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis)

How often should you use a vacuum pump for ED? ›

Most healthcare professionals consider penis pumps a safe and effective treatment for ED. Men can use a penis pump as often as they are able to tolerate it throughout the day. For some, this may be once per day, whereas for others, this might be several times per day.

Does magnetic therapy help with erectile dysfunction? ›

This act as pelvic motor floor exercise. We can say that FMS is an effective, conservative, non-invasive and safe method in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

How does xialla work? ›

How does the Xialla Erectile Dysfunction Penis Ring Work? The Xialla Ring system works by blocking the outflow of blood from the penis. When a man gets an erection there is a natural mechanical structures within the penis that prevent the outflow of blood from the penis.

How do I contact Eddie by Giddy? ›

Giddy customer support is currently provided exclusively via email. If you'd like to leave a detailed voice message at 1-844-965-2755, please include your email address and someone from our customer care team will contact you in 3 to 5 business days.

Is Eddie covered by Medicare? ›

Medicare doesn't typically cover erectile dysfunction oral medications or injections. However, penile implant surgery is partially covered by Medicare for those who qualify. Diagnosing erectile dysfunction, or ED, typically requires you to answer a few questions and undergo a physical exam from your doctor.

What erectile dysfunction drugs are covered by Medicare? ›

ED medications are not generally covered by Medicare Part D plans, but Revatio (for PAH) is covered by most plans. You can go to Medicare. gov's Find a Medicare Plan tool to compare rates and drug coverage before choosing a plan.

Why does insurance not cover Cialis? ›

Your insurer may be resistant to cover Cialis because they have comparable PDE5 drugs in their formulary. Talk with your doctor about other ED treatment options that might be easier to get covered. Manufacturer patient assistance.

Do insurance companies cover Cialis? ›

Cialis is not covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but manufacturer and pharmacy coupons can help offset the cost.


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